(Girls) # Mother, Mother, I am ill.
# Send for the doctor over the hill.
# Call for the doctor.
Call for the nurse.

# Call for the lady
with the alligator purse.

# Mumps said the doctor.
Measles said the nurse.

# Nothing said the lady
with the alligator purse. #

Thank you.
(Girls) One, two, three,
four, five, six -

Oh, it's you. Where's my mother?
She's makin' a pecan pie... for me!
That figures.
(Woman) Who is it, Jessie?
- Hello, Mama.
- Well, I just swan. Marnie!

If you're not the very limit.
I can't take in the way you jump
all over the place like you do.

(Mama) Boston, Massachusetts.
Elizabeth, New Jersey.

I brought you
some chrysanthemums.

Those gladiolas are brand fresh.
Miss Cotton brought 'em last night.

I never could stand gladiolas.
I ' ll get rid of these.

For land's sake - Marnie,
now watch the dripping.

Here, Jessica, why don't you
take these home to your mother?

She don't get home from work till 6::00.
I'm supposed to stay here till 6::00.
Take them to the kitchen then.
Just get rid of them.

Take 'em to the kitchen
before they drip all over.