We could stand gladiolas!
I send you plenty of money.
You don't have to be a baby-sitter.

Whoever said I did have to?
It's my pleasure.

That smart little ol' Jessie.
Marnie, if you could just hear
some of the things that she says.

Oh, but I do.
Seems I get a report
in exhaustive detail

on all the bright sayings
of ol' Jessie Cotton.

What's more, every time I come home,
she's roosting here.

I see that you've lighted up
your hair, Marnie.

- A little. Why? Don't you like it?
- No.

Too-blonde hair always looks like a
woman's tryin' to attract the man.

Men and a good name
don't go together.

I brought you something, Mama.
Now what have you thrown
good money away on?

Oh, Marnie.
You shouldn't spend all your money
on me like you do.

But that's what
money's for: to spend.

Like the Bible says,
"Money answereth all things."

We don't talk smart about the Bible
in this house, missy!

Well, I just swan! How do I wear it?
Like this. Real high up under the chin.
(Marnie) Oh, it's smart,
it's very, very smart.

Goin' around buyin' fur pieces
like they was nothin'.

Mr Pemberton gave me another raise.
I told Miss Cotton my daughter is
private secretary to a millionaire.

He's as generous with her
as if she was his very own daughter.

Miss Bernice, don't you want
to get my hair brushed up

- before my mommy gets home?
- I sure do, honey.

You run up and get the brush.
Oh, that kid and her hair.
Puts me in mind of yours
when you was little. The colour.