As pretty as brushin' can make you.
Oh, sugarpop, it's five after 6:00.
You better scat on home.

And you be sure to take
your mama those glads.

How ' bout my pie?
How ' bout my pecan pie?

I ' ll get it done tonight
and bring it over to you.

Now, Jessie, you mind
you go straight home.

OK. Bye, Miss Bernice.
See you later, Miss Bernice.

(Door Opens, Closes)
Do you really like the scarf, Mama?
It's real mink.
Oh, there. You look
just like an old man's darling.

No man ever give me
anything so good.

We don't need men, Mama.
We can do very well for ourselves.
You and me.

A decent woman
don't have need for any man.

Look at you, Marnie.
I told Miss Cotton,
look at my girl Marnie.

She's too smart to go gettin' herself
mixed up with men... none of 'em!

Well, let's go on back to the kitchen.
I've got to see to that pie.
Uh, Marnie, I've been
thinking seriously

about asking Miss Cotton and Jessie
to move in here with me.

Miss Cotton is a real nice woman.
She's decent. A hard-working woman
with a little girl to raise.

Come on, Mama, why don't
you just say what you mean?

What you want is for Jessie
to come live with you.

Marnie, you oughtn't let yourself act
jealous of a little ol' kid like that.