- Miss Clabon.
- Good morning.

Is Mr Ward in his office?
Yes. He's interviewing for
the new office assistant.

Rutland and Company is
an old established publishing -

- Oh, Mr Rutland.
- This is Miss Blakely, Mr Rutland.

Well done. You'll hear from us,
Miss Blakely, I'm sure.

Thank you for your time, Mr Ward.
Good day, Mr Rutland.

Good day, Miss Blakely.
Well, I guess that does it. She seems
to have the exact qualifications -

Come in for a moment, please.
Now, sit down, Mrs... Taylor.
Thank you.
(Ward) I have here your
Pittsburgh references.

Reference, that is. Kendall's, yes.
This the only reference
you have to show us?

Well, Mr Ward, I have good training,
but I've had very little actual experience.

Kendall ' s was my first real job.
After I finished school, I was married.
My husband was a CPA.

He helped me keep up
with my training.

I learned a great deal more from him:
accounting, cost-price,

- even something about computers.
- (Ward) I see.

When my husband died
very suddenly last November,

he left me a little money,
but I felt I needed work.

Good, hard, demanding work.
I got the job at Kendall's,
but it was -

Well, it wasn't a
very exacting position,

and there didn't seem much chance
for anything else at Kendall's.

I don't mean pay. Salary isn't the most
important thing with me,

but more interesting work, Mr Ward.
Something that
will keep me busy, occupied.

I don't care how much work
I'm given or what hours I work.