I thought I'd stick Mark
for the lunch and you for the cash.

Go right on in.
(Ward) You have your
Social Security card, Mrs Taylor?

- Of course. Right here in my purse.
- Who 's the dish?

Miss Clabon will show you around.
She's been with us for seven years.

I believe she finds the work
exacting enough. Good day, Mrs Taylor.

Miss Clabon, will you call personnel
and have them send the forms up?

Certainly, Mr Ward.
(Miss Clabon) Hello.
This is Mr Ward's office.

Would you send up a W-4
and the rest of the employment forms?

Yes, before lunch. I'll wait.
Thank you.
Maud, what about Saturday?
No, I only thought as you said
your mother wasn 't coming with us,

I just wanted to make sure
about our reservations.

Well, why don 't you call me back?
Alright. Anytime.
Thanks, Mr Sam, I ' ll try not
to do anything sensible with it.

- Bye, Miss Clabon.
- Bye.

That's Lil Mainwaring,
Mr Rutland's sister-in-law.

- Her sister was Mr Rutland's wife.
- Was?

She died about a year and a half ago.
Some kind of heart thing.

Imagine. Only 29.
Well, anyway,
she kind of brought Lil up.

Lil lived with them
and old Mr Rutland down at Wykwyn.

I get the feeling little ol' Lil
plans to stay on... permanently.