- Do you mind bringing me a cup?
- Just coffee? Donut, Danish?

- Lady, have I got for you a Danish!
- No, just coffee.

- Oh, I'm out of red ink.
- Oh, here, use mine.

- I'll get it.
- No, no, I will.

Mrs Taylor, are you hurt?
(Mark) Mrs Taylor!
I think she's hurt. Find out!
Mary, are you alright?
Of course, I'm alright. I just
spilled a little ink on my blouse.

The way you rushed out of the office -
Mr Rutland's standing out there.

- He said he thought you were hurt.
- Well, I'm not.

All that happened was I spilled
a little ink on my blouse.

Good heavens! What a lot
of excitement over nothing.

(Phone Ringing)
Why in the world does he keep locking
and unlocking that drawer?

He never can remember
the safe combination.

It's locked in that drawer.
Mr Rutland and I have keys too,
for emergencies.

It's only five numbers,
for Pete's sake.

Mrs Taylor? I've just had a call from
Mr Rutland, Mrs Taylor.

He remembered your saying
you'd be willing to work overtime.