It's over. All over. You're alright.
OK now? Would you like something
to drink? Some brandy?

- No, thank you. I'm awfully sorry.
- Oh, don't be silly.

- Why do colours bother you?
- Colours?

You seem to be terrified
of some colours.

No, no. What I'm terrified
of is thunder and lightning.

I wouldn't have pegged you as a woman
terrified of anything.

Well, we've all got to go sometime.
Look, this place is wrecked
and you're in no state to work.

Suppose I drive you home.
You can do this job some other time.

- Thank you. I -
- Go get your things.

It's cold and damp here.
I must get the maintenance people in.
- I'm really sorry about the cabinet.
- Why should you be?

You said it was all
you had left of your wife.

I said it was all I had left
that had belonged to my wife.

(Car Radio) "Native Winkler is second.
Hopeless is third."