Oh, no please. I'd like to hear.
- You like racing?
- I like horses.

I go to the races when I can.
- Was your husband a track fan?
- Yes.

- And you go alone now?
- Yes.

Atlantic City track's open
till the end of the month.

We could drive out there next Saturday.
- Are you fond of horses?
- No, not at all.

(PA Announcer) "Fast Return
moving up on the outside. "

(Announcer Continues)
Well, that's another one.
Oh, I like it here like this.
You' re the expert.
What do you like in the next race?

Lemon Pudding. He's finished third
his last three times out.

- Got a good jockey up today.
- Lemon Pudding it is.

The morning line says he's four to one.
I'll get on him.

(Man) Pardon me.
But you're Peggy Nicholson, aren't you?
Remember me?
I'm sorry. What did you say?
- Aren't you Peggy Nicholson?
- No, I'm not.

Yeah? I was pretty sure you were.
When I first saw you down here -

I'm sorry, you've made a mistake.
I am not Miss Nichols.

- Nicholson.
- Nicholson.

Frank Abernathy introduced us
a couple of years ago in Detroit.

Frank Abernathy.
You remember Frank.

No, I do not know anyone
named Frank Abernathy.

I have never known anyone
named Frank Abernathy.

- Now, will you please go?
- Aw, come on now, honey.

You're trying to pull my leg,
aren't you?