(Mark) Now, why should any young lady
want to pull your leg?

Oh, sorry. I thought
I recognised this lady.

- Did he recognise you?
- No.

- You did not recognise her.
- I said I thought I recognised her.

- I said I'm sorry.
- Good for you. You've apologised.

You may go now.
- You came back so quickly.
- Yes. Who's your fan?

I just seem to have one of those faces.
Well, what do you like
in the next race?

Can we go to the paddock?
I'd like to see Telepathy.

Been watching him ever since I saw him
work out once as a two-year-old.

Oh, I believe that's
our old friend Telepathy.

Yeah, number eight. Telepathy.
He 's a lanky-looking piece of business,
but I bow to your superior knowledge.

- What is it? What ' s the matter?
- Don't bet him.

- Why not?
- He's walleyed.

Can we go now?
What a paragon you are.
You don't smoke, drink or gamble.

Just this once... for luck.
- I don't believe in luck.
- What do you believe in?

Oh, horses, maybe.
At least they're beautiful,

and nothing in this world like people.
Oh, yes, people. A thoroughly bad lot.
Did you have a tough childhood,
Mrs Taylor?