Not particularly
I think you did. I think you've had
a hard, tough climb.

But you're a smart girl, aren't you?
The careful grammar,
the quiet good manners.

- Where did you learn them?
- From my betters.

What about your tough childhood,
Mr Rutland?

The old, sad story.
Promising youth blighted.

Dragged down by money,
position, noblesse oblige.

By the time I came along,
the company was hanging on the ropes.

We had about 1,000 employees who were
about to go down for the count.

What about the Rutlands?
What would've happened to your family?
Nothing ever happens to a family that
traditionally marries

at least one heiress
every other generation.

(Crowd Cheering)
You shouldn't've chickened. Your
walleyed reject just won by 4 lengths.

I think I've had enough. Can we go?
If you like.
The track's open
till the end of the month.

That gives us two more Saturdays.
If your luck holds out, by this time
next month, I'll be a rich man.

- Oh, Miss Nicholson.
- You really are pressing your luck.

Where are we going this time?
I thought it was time I brought you
home to meet my old man.

- You should've told me.
- You're alright.

Dad goes by scent. If you smell
anything like a horse, you're in.

Here we are, old bean. The homestead.