Swill that down or bring it
with you to the stables.

Mark's trying to act as if he brought
Miss Taylor out to see the horses.

- He really brought her to see me.
- Really? Whatever for?

Showing off. I'm quite
a presentable old party, you know.

Lil, I 'm sure your sturdy young wrist
has recovered sufficiently
to pour Dad another cup of tea.

- I will have another cup.
- I can't!

"When duty whispers low, thou must."
"Then youth replies, I can."
Ratfink! And you misquoted!
Will you come up and spend
next weekend with us?

You can bring your tea bag,
have your pick of the horses.

Good night, Mary. I have to run.
See you on Monday.

Good night, Susan.
(Woman) Good night. See you on Monday.
I haven't got my powder puff.
Have you got one?

- Come on.
- Wait a minute.

- Come on.
- Alright, I'm coming.

You mean we have to hang around
and wait until he calls?

- Good night, girls.
- Good night. I'll see you.

- Have a good weekend.
- Yeah.

I think that's terrible.
- What are you gonna do?
- I don 't know. Let's get home.

He may have already called you.