Mary Poppins

Thank you. Most interesting.
And now I think we´ve had
quite enough of this nonsense.

Please return
to the nursery.

They were only trying to help.
They´re just children.

I´m well aware they´re
just children, Winifred.

I only congratulate myself that
I decided to step in and take a hand.

"Play games, sing songs,
give treats.´´

Ridiculous. There´s no question
in my mind whatsoever.

Now is the time for action.
Give me the Times, please.
No, I do not know the number.

Oh, George, you´re always
so forceful.

The Times?
George Banks here.

1 7 Cherry Tree Lane. I wish to place
an advertisement in your column.

- Time gun ready?
- Ready and charged, sir.

I´ll take the report,
Mr Binnacle.

The wind has changed, sir. Seems
to be comin´ in from a new quarter.

- So it is.
- Sir?
- What is it?

Bit of somethin´ or other
taking place off the port bow.

Ghastly looking crew,
I must say!

Coo! There´s a fair queue of nannies
outside, sir. Shall I show ´em in?

Ellen, I said 8:00, and
8:00 it shall jolly well be.

You see?
Twelve seconds to go.

- Ten, nine, eight--
- Posts!

Seven, six, five, four...
three, two, one!
Ellen, it is now 8:00.