Mary Poppins

How many nannies does she
think we need in this house?

The position
has been filled.

I´m afraid the nursery
isn´t very tidy.

It is rather like
a bear pit, isn´t it?

- That´s a funny sort of bag.
- Carpet.

- You mean to carry carpets in?
- No. Made of.

This is your room, and there´s
a lovely view of the park.

Well, it´s not exactly
Buckingham Palace.

Still, it´s clean.
Yes, I think it will be
quite suitable.

Just needs a touch
here and there.

Well, first things first.
I always say, the place
to hang a hat is on a hat stand.

Ah! This will never do!
I much prefer seeing
all of my face at the same time.

There-- But there was
nothing in it.

Never judge things
by their appearance.

Even carpetbags.
I´m sure I never do.

A thing of beauty
is a joy forever.

Mmm, a little more light, perhaps.
We better keep an eye
on this one.

- She´s tricky.
- She´s wonderful.

Much better!