My Fair Lady

"A ruder pest
"Finally I decided it was foolish
Not to let him have his chance with her

"So I stepped aside
And let him dance with her

"Oozing charm from every pore
He oiled his way around the floor

"Every trick that he could play
He used to strip her mask away

"And when at last the dance was done
He glowed as if he knew he'd won

"And with a voice too eager
And a smile too broad

"He announced to the hostess
That she was a fraud"

"'Her English is too good,' he said
'That clearly indicates that she is foreign

"'Whereas others are instructed
In their native language

"'English people aren't
"'Although she may have studied with
an expert dialectician and grammarian

"'I can tell that she was born
"Not only Hungarian but of royal blood
"She is a princess
"'Her blood,' he said
'ls bluer than the Danube is or ever was

"'Royalty is absolutely written on her face
"'She thought I was taken in
But actually I never was

"'How could she deceive
Another member of her race?

"'I know each language on the map'
Said he

"'And she's Hungarian
As the first "Hungarian Rhapsody"'

"Congratulations, Professor Higgins
"For your glorious victory
"Congratulations, Professor Higgins
"You'll be mentioned in history"