Paris - When It Sizzles

Hollywood, California,
from Alexander Meyerheim.
Subject - my latest production.

Gentlemen, while you sit back safely
in your air-conditioned offices,

we here... in the trenches
are progressing brilliantly.

As to your anxieties
about the script, dismiss them.

I talked to the author in Paris.
He assures me that he has
at this moment 138 glorious pages,

which are even now being typed. I
plan tojoin him in Paris on Sunday.

Period. Paragraph.
Gentlemen, success is inevitable.
An Alexander Meyerheim production
of an original story and screenplay
by Richard Benson.

- Richard Benson?
- You know him, my angel?

Know him?
I hate him! Richard Benson, phooey!
It seems there are facets of him
you know even better than I do.

I cannot imagine
when he finds time to write.

Unfortunately, he had time
to write a script for me.

The last ten pages were found
floating off Malibu,
in a vodka bottle.

Send the usual telegram to Benson.
Richard assures me that for all
practical purposes he's on the wagon.