Paris - When It Sizzles

I was told the job would take several
days. I had nobody to leave him with.

Well, this is it. The office there,
I live up here,
the terrace is out there.

That grotesque object so prominent
on the horizon is the Eiffel Tower.

I had it moved there to remind me
what town I'm in.

If it offends you,
I'll have it taken away again.

You live through here.
It's an adjoining room,

which no doubt to your mind
has terribly sinister connotations.

- Not at all...
- If so, dismiss them.

I would have got you a room
down the hall

but the joint's filled up.
Bastille Day weekend, all that.

It's quite alright. I once worked
for an American novelist

who only wrote in the bathtub.
I'm used to anything.

You can unpack. In the bathtub?
Yes. I gave him a packet of
bubble bath and we got on swimmingly.

I see.
Does that imply that
the bird's name is Richelieu?

It's inferred, I believe,
rather than implied.

Interesting figure of speech.

You call the canary Richelieu
because you wanted a cardinal?

That's very funny.
No, it isn't.
Just one of the hazards of being

a famous international wit,
which I am. Have to keep trying.

I can't tell you how delighted I am
by this assignment, Mr Benson.

And to have the opportunity to work
with a screenwriter of your stature.

I'm interested in cinema myself.
I'm sure I can learn a great deal.

Thank you.
Last month I worked for Roger Roussin
the New Wave director. You know him?

I'm more of an Old Wave man.
The picture's terribly interesting.
Very avant-garde.

About people who go to this party
and decide not to play Scrabble.

It was called The Scrabble Game
Will Not Take Place.

His next one's about a girl
who won't have a birthday party -

Blow Out No Candles.
Roger believes what's important
on screen is what doesn't happen.

Does your film have a title yet?
Of course.
The Girl Who Stole
the Eiffel Tower.