Paris - When It Sizzles

No, wait a minute,
make that a white Bentley.

It's chicer.
A chauffeur in white livery
leaps out and opens the door.

From inside emerges
some classically glamorous star

like Marlene Dietrich.
And now she...
Dot, dot, dot.
She sweeps majestically
into the store and...

That's all we see of her. Makes no
sense but Alex would have loved it.

He could have stolen the Bentley and
afterwards charged it to the picture.

- What d'you say your name was?
- Gabrielle Simpson.

- How long have you lived in Paris?
- Two years.

And you came here to write.
Well, that, too, but mostly to...
I don't know how to say it exactly.

Would you mind...?
You were saying
you came here to live.

Yes. For the first six months I made
a comprehensive study of depravity.

No kidding?
Seriously. Never got to bed
before eight in the morning.

Who knows how many cups of
poisonous black coffee I consumed?

I didn't drink then, so it was hard
to get totally into the spirit.

Depravity can be terribly boring
if you don't smoke or drink.

But a person must try to grow.
And the guy you're dating on Bastille
Day, is he part of the process?

No, he's just a friend.
A struggling young actor.

An actor?!
A tragic relationship to begin with.
I hope he's not a method actor
who scratches and mumbles and pauses,

thereby destroying the impeccable
rhythm of the author's prose.

No, he's a little intense
but lots of fun.

Uh-huh? Yeah, well...
And you and this... actor, what
do you plan to do on Bastille Day?