Paris - When It Sizzles

Sometimes I get the feeling
he doesn't trust me.

I know
who the mysterious stranger is.

He's a liar and a thief.
Sure. A latterday Fran├žois Villon,
who lives by his wits
and what he steals.

Ajewel thief, maybe.
Expert safe-cracker.
There isn't a safe in the world
he can't open with his bare hands.
I've got it!

We have to start all over again
but that's not too serious.
We've only got eight pages.

Let's see. We're alright through
Alexander Meyerheim production,

Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower,
story and screenplay, Richard Benson.

We keep the Bastille Dayjazz, only
this time we don't start on Gabby,

we start on... Rick.
Rick. That's a wonderful name
for the mysterious stranger.

Don't editorialise.
Just start typing.

Exterior, day. A picturesque square.
Amidst the throng of merrymakers,
the camera picks up a rather tall,
rather suntanned American...

We'd better change his wardrobe
for a liar-and-a-thief suit.

You know, various shades of black.
Moving with the grace of ajungle
cat, Rick approaches the table

where Gabby is getting
the brush-off from her actor.

His almost super-human intelligence
takes in the situation at once.

He hesitates. If there's
a single chink in Rick's armour,

it's a pretty face.
He comes to a decision
and moves to another table,

where two denizens
of the underworld await him.

Call them first gangster
and second gangster.

Well, Rick?