Paris - When It Sizzles

He's caught her, he's caught her.
No, Gabby, you can't give in now.

You fought him in the cave,
on the beaches,

you fought him on the plains.
That's it-planes!

Her face registers terror.
Mr Benson, Mr Benson,
she's killed him!

There, there, Miss Simpson,
it's perfectly alright.

In your defence, it's been a hard day
and you've had a good deal to drink.
Anyway, he had it coming to him.
Plying her with all that booze,
making her drunk.

Which incidentally she is not.
Not in the least.

- Of course not.
- Not only did she kill him,

but when I think of
that poor horse...

The way she beat him
with that terrible whip.

Anyway, I think
she had it coming to her.

That was what?
Whatever he planned to do to her.
Why did she make such a fuss, anyway?

It's not as if he was
some kind of vampire or something.

Actually, I think
he's very attractive.

Miss Simpson, I think you should
go to bed and get some sleep.

You do? What about you?
I wish to think. Now, Miss Simpson,