Per un pugno di dollari

Saludos, amigo. It's not smart
to go wandering so far from home.

- I reckon he picked the wrong trail.
- He could have picked the wrong town.

His big mistake, I think, was getting born.
If you want any work, lookin' like that,
you could try bein' a scarecrow.

Oh, no! The crows are liable
to scare him, maybe.

You can't get rich like that. At most,
you will only succeed in being killed.

With all the trouble, all we needed
was you. What are you looking for?

Food, somethin' to drink.
- Water's over there.
- No. No water.

Eating and drinking and killing. That's all
you can do, just like the rest of your kind.

By the way, you'll have to mark this up.
I know, you have no money.
After all, you just got into town.
If you don't mind doing a little killing,

you will have no trouble
finding someone eager to pay you.

My roulette wheel.
That, too, was murdered.

No one comes here to play. We spend our
time here between funerals and burials.

Yeah. Never saw a town
as dead as this one.