Prima della rivoluzione

One thinks about it...
...prepares for it.
One prepares...
...and then can't deal with it!
One can't take that kind of pain.
You'd have understood.
I didn't even dress in black.
I didn't think it mattered.
I was so close to him.
It's amazing how...
...alive you feel close to death,
how you cannot share...
...death with the dead.
Enter with them...
...into their coffin.
You feel more alive than ever!
You need to move.
To talk.
To move your arms, hands...
And I wanted to console you.
It's always wrong to go back.
Things are never the same.
Neither the people,
nor the places...

What long afternoons.
How long the afternoons
are in Parma!

Tonight I go back to Milan.
All I have left now is Cesare.