Prima della rivoluzione

L'm sorry.
First of all
forgive me.
And please...
...don't ask questions.
L'm too sensitive,
l'd feel as if I were in prison.

I don't know if you're just curious
or if it's something else,

something more.
I noticed that you noticed.
Your face suddenly clouds over...
...then suddenly brightens up.
There is only one cure for my pain.
The others.
People... You.
The ''medicine of boredom''
brought me all the way here.

From far away Milan.
Running parallel
with the villas rushing by.

Clouds chase other clouds.
You chase me chasing you.
My little nephew from Parma...
Without saying anything
l've told you everything.

Don't ask questions.
Don't ask questions...
My necklace!
What's the matter?
Will it bring bad luck?
Tomorrow l'II buy you a new one.