- Today is Tuesday.
- Yesterday was Monday.

- It's only two days till Friday.
- That's the rumour.

Charlie Rogers. Charlie Rogers
to the skin show, please.

- Who you protecting, him or me?
- Me. It's shill time.

I might as well be
peddling door-to-door.

I suppose it would gripe you
if I told you you were doing good.

- Still wanna sign me?
- That's right.

- OK.
- That's a sudden change. Why?

I'm stage-struck. The roar
of the crowd goes to my head.

Come to my trailer and put it in
writing before you change your mind.

Sit down. Sign there.
Shouldn't you fill in
the blank spaces?

I already have.
Read it if you'd like.

You knew I'd stay. How?
Let's just say
I borrowed Estelle's crystal ball.

Maggie, you're too much.
There you are.

Now go on out there
and give 'em hell.

OK, boss.
- Dad, what's the matter?
- You stay where you are.

How you doing, Joe?
Isn't there a law about contributing
to the delinquency of a minor?

- What?
- I've watched you and that kid.

Then you know he's what we need
to get us out of trouble.

If I thought that, I'd give up now.
Let's do this concession.
We'll talk about it later.

- When I'm sober.
- I didn't mean that.

I know what's really going on
in your head, even if you don't.

Why not? He's young.
Probably holds his liquor.

If he could rig a ride,
he'd probably rig one

that wouldn't kill the customers.
That's something you can't pay for,