A Patch of Blue

Hi, Rose-Ann. It can't be that late.
You're early.

Early? I feel like I've been standing
on my feet for a week.

Cleaning up after a bunch of slobs!
Hey, what you been up to?
Where's my supper?

- I'm just gonna get it.
- "I'm just gonna get it," what?

- I'm just gonna get it, Rose-Ann.
- That's better!

I can't have some proper respect
in my own home!

- Who's been guzzling my gin?
- I don't know, Rose-Ann.

I know there was a slug or two
in the bottom of this.

The old bum! When he gets home,
I'm gonna pin his ugly ears back!

Why did you have to leave
that thing there?

And they're all loose!
Why ain't they been strung together?
Answer me!
Or would you like a slug in the puss?

Quiet, bigmouth!
Button it up for once in your life!
You no-good drunk,
you've been guzzling my gin again.

Get lost!
For crying out loud!
Could have broken my lousy neck.

- How did all that junk get on the floor?
- Ask her! Ask Lady Selina!

Come on, now! No dinner ready?
No beads strung? What's with you?

I'm sorry.
I went out today, and the time...

- You went out! Where?
- Just in the park.

The park? How in the hell
did you get yourself to the park?

Mr. Faber took me
after he come with the beads.

Faber? He's got a nerve!
Wasn't his idea.
I've been at him for ages.

You've been scheming behind my back?
Listen, you get any more big ideas
like that, and you tell me about them!

You understand?
I'm sorry, Rose-Ann.
I didn't think you'd mind.

Well, I do. I do mind, see?
- Did you see my specs anywheres?
- No, Ole Pa.