Campanadas a medianoche

Sixteen at least.
And bound them, we were
sharing, 6 or 7 men set upon us.

- What, fought ye them all?
- Lf I fought not with fifty of...

...them, I am a bunch of radish.
If there were not upon...

...poor Jack, then I am no
two-legged creature.

Pray God, you have not
murdered some of them.

Nay, that's past praying for.
I have peppered two of them,
two I am sure I have paid.

Two rogues in buckram suits, if
I tell thee a lie, Hal, spit in...

:23:28 face, and call me horse.
I acted a true man.

Four rogues in buckram
let drive at me.

- What, four?
- Thou saidst but two even now.

Four, Hal, I told thee four.
These four came all a-front.

I made no more ado but took all
their seven points in my target...

- Seven?

Why, there were but four...
- In buckram suits?
- Ay, in dark buckram suits.

Seven, by these hilts or I am
a villain else.

Let him alone, we shall
have more anon.

- Dost thou hear me, Hal?
- Ay, and mark thee too, Jack.

Do so, for it is worth
listening to.

- These nine I told thee of...
- So, two more already.

...began to give me ground, but
I came in foot and hand...

...and with a thought...
:24:17 of the eleven... I paid.
- They are eleven now.

But as the devil would have...
:24:23 three misbegotten knaves
in green, came at my back...

...and let drive at me.
For it was so dark, Hal, that...

...thou couldst not see thy hand.
- These lies are like...

...the father that begett'd them.
Why, thou clay-brained guts...

...thou non patted fool,
thou whoreson...

...obscene, swine...
- What, art thou mad?

- Is not the truth, the truth?
- Why, how couldst thou know...

...this men in green, when it was
so dark thou couldst not see?

- Come, tell us your reason.
- Come, your reason, Jack.

What, upon compulsion?
No, were I at the strappado.

I would not tell you on