- Is he really a crook?
- Most certainly is.

He's just served five years. I've done
an interview with him for Sunday's program.

It's already in the can.
And Number 24, Man's Head in a Bucket.
The strongest echoes of Grunvald.
He's got a fantastically lean
and hungry look.

- Is it true he's so tremendous in bed?
- I'm afraid I didn't get around to asking him.

- Alex, darling.
- Diana, sweetie.

- How terribly to see you.
- Terribly to see you.

I say, isn't this awfully!
Come and meet Ralphie
before he disappears.

For another five years.
In the great tradition of silent screams...
Goya, Gogol, Guernica, that tradition.
Roughly what I said in the interview
I did for the program on Sunday.

- Tremendous fire.
- I'm with you. Tremendous fire.

And a furious lyricism one so seldom finds
in white chaps these days.

Quite so, yes.
A cobbler's all that is,
one man responsible...

Ralphie, dear, I've got someone here
who's dying to meet you.

- Ralphie Riggs, you must meet Diana Scott.
- How do you do?

I do so admire your work.
I think it's wonderful.

Thank you very much, I'm sure.
Come and meet the agents. Steps.
You got here. I'm so glad.
- Blasted artists.
- Don't say that, he's tremendously talented.