What the hell are you doing?
- Don't be so melodramatic.
- Excuse me.

You're not going.
It just all seemed so unnecessary,
these dramas.

I couldn't help feeling Robert had been
desperately unreasonable about it all.

After all,
we were supposed to be adult people.

One just had to take a grip on oneself,
that was all.

I just knew the only possible hope...
was just to fling oneself
absolutely madly into one's work.

It was either that, or the old gas oven.
One, two. Happy.
Better. The happiest girl in the world, now.
That's it. Good.

I want a happy girl. Better. Brighter.
Laugh. Good.
Swing your hair around suddenly.
That's it. Good. Lovely. Again.

Good. That's it, darling. Done.
Think lovely thoughts. Brighter. Come on.
Forget it, we've all been through it.
For Christ's sakes, smile, love!

All right, that's it.
All right. Sorry.
It's all over now.
You're doing good. Marvelous.

Listen, darling. Drink your booze.
Drink this, love. Come on.
- Malcolm!
- Gonna be a happy girl?

You're gonna be happy.
'Cause you really are a very pretty girl.