Doctor Zhivago

Forced labor.
Attention, Comrades.
Your train will leave tomorrow morning.
Health regulations for the journey:
Night soil will be emptied
every morning without fail.

Straw to be replaced at ten day intervals
and the old straw burned.

In the event of fresh straw
being unavailable, old straw to be turned.

This is disinfectant. Use it.
In this wagon is a detachment
of Voluntary Labor.

You are required by Military Committee
to show them all assistance.

One carriage is occupied by sailors
of the heroic Kronstadt Sailors' Soviet.

So you'll be in good hands.
They're idiots.
Attention, Comrades.
In approximately 11 days' time
you'll pass through the Urals province...

...where White Guard units,
aided by foreign interventionists...

...and other criminal reactionary elements,
have recently been active.

The Military Committee assures you...
...that the criminals have been
completely routed in that area...

:10:21 Red Guard units under the command
of People's Commander Strelnikov.

There's a man.
Clap him.
The line is definitely clear.
Long live the Revolution!
Long live anarchy!
Lickspittle! Bureaucrat!
Is that necessary?
Six volunteers I've signed for,
and six I'll deliver.

I'm a free man, lickspittle.