King Rat

You! Corporal.
Turn your pockets out, corporal.
You won this gambling, of course.
Why do you think it is?
Why do you think you have so much
and the rest of us so little?

One day, you're going
to make a slip.

All this wealth you've got
won't check against my list.

And when you do, when that happens,
l'll be ready.

Then you'll be in there.
ln my cage.

l'm not playing at being
provost marshal.

And l never heard of luck
that didn't run out.

Yours will, depend on it. Because
you're like all criminals, you're greedy.

l'd like to point out that
l don't have to put up with this crap.

l'm not in your two-bit army.
l'm in our two-bit Army.

lf you're looking for something
to live for, when we get out of this...

...come looking for me.
l'll hand you your head.

We'll see.
But you make one slip,
just one...

...and we'll see how long you survive
in my cage.

And after my cage, l'll personally--
l'll personally hand you over
to the Japs.

-What's happening here?
-Nothing, sir.

l'm just searching the corporal.