King Rat

You're in order to search him,
question him, Grey...

...but threats and abuse aren't on.
They aren't on.

You ought to know better than
to go around dressed like that.

Asking for trouble. Just asking for it.
Even so, quite wrong to threaten.
Not the way to treat an enlisted man.
l think...
:08:26 apology....
lf you request it, sir...
-...then l apologize.
-Very good.

All right, corporal, you can go,
but watch the way you dress.

Yes, thank you, colonel.
-He had one invite out to number four.

Okay, l'll take care of it.
Find Col. Brant
and give him this.

Tell him not to be so late next time.
Right. Do you know where he'd be?
By the jail. lt's his day
for watching Grey.

-That's all?
-That's all for him.

Then go find that guy with the arm.
He's got a delivery.

Come on, Tojo, time for tea.
Choice of litter, right?