King Rat

How come we never met before?
-No idea. l haven't been anywhere.
-What's your name?

Marlowe, Peter Marlowe.
What's yours?

How's that chair feel?
-Cost me 80 bucks.
-Did it?

-Yes. l'd never have guessed.
-You'd have said more, huh?

l don't think l'd have said
anything, really.

l've never been a great
chair-price guesser.

l was gonna fix some chow.
Wanna join me?

l've just had lunch, thank you.
You could use some more,
couldn't you? You want an egg?

Excuse me, what's all this in aid of?
-Do what?
-People just don't give eggs away.

Well, l'm not people.
-Am l, Max?
-No. No, you're not people, King.

-Well, you want an egg or don't you?
-Well, of course l want it.

Okay, then, you got it.
How do you like it?

So you got yourself a fried egg.
You're not related to either
Fortnum or Mason, are you?

Who are they?
lt doesn't matter. They run a little
family grocery shop back home.

That's pretty neat, huh?
Max wired it for me.

Just telling him you wired the hot plate.
-lt's working okay, huh?
-lt better be.

-l gotta impress the British.
-The British are impressed.

-You speak it pretty good, don't you?
-British? l mean, English?

-No, you know, the lingo, out there.
-Yes, l suppose so. Not too bad.