King Rat

l'm so frightened.
l'm such a bloody coward.

You really ate them in Java?
Not only in Java. Here in Changi.
So did you.

Now, we agreed we wouldn't
cook anything revolting...

-...unless we discussed it. We agreed.
-l know we agreed!

You were dying.
And why do we collect them?
lt's pure protein.

For the hospital, for the seriously sick.
You were sick, remember?

You were dying.
-l really ate them, did l?
-You asked for second helpings.

Well, next time, l want to know.
And that's a bloody order.

-Excuse me, sir.

-Okay, l'll take it.

Col. Smedley-Taylor said
two of your men were fighting.

Only two? That's a change. Who?
Cpl. Townsend and
Pvt. Gurble. l've got them in jail.

-l'll deal with them after roll call.

Pity about Marlowe's Ronson,
wasn't it?

Yes, he should have been more
careful. Mug's game, gambling.