King Rat

Changi blues, mostly.
You mean, the will to live?
No, not quite that...
lt is corporal, isn't it?
Cpl. King?

He quit believing in the pigheaded,
totally unreasonable will not to die.

There's a difference, you know.
Perhaps you don't know.
l don't suppose that kind of
subtlety bothers you very much.

Maybe not. Touch wood.
l wouldn't put much faith in that
wood, probably contaminated.

You don't have any tobacco, do you?
-l hear you're good for a little extra.

Yeah, l was just going
to bring some to him.

He won't miss it. Thank you.
You must tell me your
secret one day, corporal.

Medically, it ought to be
very valuable.

l'm just lucky, sir.
Oh, no.
That won't do.
Oh, thanks. Can you spare it?
l don't smoke. Never have.
Could you get my boots, old man?
l've got to get up.

-Where are they?
-At the foot of the bed.