King Rat


Get the corpse detail
to take Sgt. Masters' bed.

Capt. Daven's will be free too.
But don't let them take the boots.

Yes, sir. What about Col. Hutton?
Do l give him quinine?

-Of course give him quinine.
-Well, l'm sorry. Just asking.

Only doctors authorize drugs.
Give him quinine and stop pretending
you're Florence Nightingale.

There are two appendectomies
for tomorrow morning.

l'll see them before l go off.

-Do you want me to do them?
-No, l will.

-Evening, doctor.
-Hello, Stevie.

By the way, l finished the autopsy
on the man found in the borehole.

Death was from suffocation.
lf you find a man headfirst
down a borehole...

-...death will likely be from suffocation.

Well, l wrote....
l put on the death certificate:

''Suicide while the balance
of the mind was disturbed.''

-Do you want that?
-Oh, thank you, sir.

Have they identified the body?
Yes. lt was a Pvt. Gurble.
Unusual name.

-Not the way l'd choose for suicide.

-Unless, of course, he was put there.

-Why do you say that?
-Well, they held a court of inquiry.

-He'd been caught stealing rations.
-l see.

Either way, murder or suicide,
l'd say he deserved it, wouldn't you?

Yes, l suppose so.
-l'd better go and finish my rounds.
-Yes. Well, good night, colonel.