King Rat

Want a smoke, Stevie?
-There it is!
-Don't let it get away!

-Watch out, watch out!
-Get it out!

-Get him!
-There he is!

-Get him! Get him!
-Right there!

All right, knock it off!
Just hold it! Knock it off.

Will you knock it off?!
Now, just leave it where it is.
Don't kill it.

-l got a better idea. Tex?

Get a blanket.
-Yeah. Yeah. Come on, will you?

That's it. You and Max trap it.
Come on. l want it alive.

-With my blanket? You crazy?
-l'll get you another one. Catch it.

Come on. Give me the other end.
Let's throw it down and jump, okay?
-Come on. Now!

-l got it!
-Take it!

-Go on.
-Hey, l got it!

All right. All right.
Knock it off! Now, quiet!

-Max, you take it.
-l don't want it. lt's his blanket.

Tex, you go put on the java
while l work this out.

Gather around and hear
the words of the King.

And the whole court
strained in obedience.

Come on, come on, come on.
All right, so we got ourselves
a real live rat, right?

-Yeah. So?
-So? So use your imagination.

What don't we have
a lot of in Changi?

Yeah, besides that.
-Come on. Food. Right?
-What's that got to do with rats?