King Rat

You're not thinking
what l think you're thinking, are you?

You got it.
-Only we're not going to eat it.
-Eat it?

-Eat what? What's he talking about?
-Rat meat.

You're out of your mind.
Who would buy rat meat?

Let me finish. Of course nobody
will buy it if they know it's rat.

But suppose they don't.
Suppose we say it's rabbit.

There are no rabbits in Malaya.
We'll think of something else.
What are you all knocking it for?

Do you think we can
get away with squirrel?

That's it, squirrel. Good.
Still not a lip-smacker, is it?
Wait a sec. Wait a sec.
l know.

-l know. Deer.

What kind of game
you got back home?

No, not the usual kind of deer.
l mean rusa tikas.
They're about....

Well, they're tiny.
They're about 8 inches high.

The natives consider them
to be a great delicacy.

Rusa tikas translated
means ''mouse deer.''

That's it, then.
We're in the rusa tikas business.

Now, first we got to find out
whether it's male or female.

Then we get the opposite one, and
we're on our way to our first million.

Now, how we gonna sex it?
Hey. l read in Reader's Digest
that the Japs are big sexers.

-That's with eggs, dummy.
-Leave it to me. l'll tell you.

Okay. You got the job.
Now we got two things to do.

Liberate another rat, and then
we gotta find out about their habits.

-Well, Vexley's your man for that.
-Vexley? Who's Vexley?

Join my class?
-You really want to join my class?
-lf it wouldn't be too much trouble.

No. Delighted, old chap.
-Squadron Leader Vexley.
-Pleased to meet you.

Hello, Peter.
All right, then.