King Rat

-Don't bother.
-Sorry, sir. Careless.

This weight's been tampered with.
What? That's impossible. Let me see.
No, it's not been tampered with.
This is merely a corrective hole.

This weight was probably a fraction
heavier than it's supposed to be.

You had me worried there
for a moment.

-They've all been tampered with!
-They're corrective.

Don't give me that. l know enough
about weights and measures...

:06:44 know holes aren't allowed,
no corrective holes.

lf the weight's wrong, it's never issued.
-What do you know about this?
-Why, nothing, sir.

-l don't believe you.
-You can't accuse me, sir.

-l don't know anything about it.
-We'll put it to the test, shall we?

l'm going to go outside
and show everybody this...

-...and we'll see what they do.
-Now wait a minute, sir.

You're right. But it wasn't me, sir.
lt was the colonel.

He caught me pinching some rice.
Said he'd turn me in...

-...if l didn't help him.
-Shut up, you fool!

You're not going to listen to that.
The fool's trying to implicate me.

-l had no idea this was going on.
-But he's got the key, sir.

The key to the safe,
where the weights are kept.

-lt couldn't have been me, sir.
-Shut up, Blakeley!

Now shut up, do you hear me?
How long have these weights been
in use, colonel? A year, two years?

l have no idea. lf they're fixed,
it's nothing to do with me.

But you have the key
and keep them locked up?

Yes, but that doesn't--
Have you looked
at the bottom of the weights?

-No, l haven't.
-Well, isn't that a bit odd?

No, it isn't. l won't be
cross-questioned, lieutenant.

You'd better be telling the truth,

Are you threatening me? lf you are,
l'll have you court-martialed.