King Rat

-ls that all?
-Okay, 2 pounds.

And half a pound of dried fish.
No sugar or eggs?
They both go to the hospital,
you know that.

What do you say?
l tell you what l say, colonel.
l'm going to go to
Col. Smedley-Taylor...

...and l'm going to tell him
what you've just said.

And l'm going to show him this.
And if there's a borehole party...

...and l pray there will be,
l'm going to ask to lead it...

...and l'm personally going to shove
you down, but not too fast...

...because l want to hear you scream
for a long, long time before you die.

Oh, my God.
l figure you Australian thieves are the
only thieves who can supply in bulk.

l'll tell you what l'm prepared to offer.
You supply the cages...

...and market the produce,
we'll cut you in for 50 percent.

-Are you interested?
-Yeah, yeah, seems like a proposition.

So we got ourselves a deal, right?
Nothing like dealing with
your own kind, is there?

When are you gonna start deliveries?
l got to get my organization primed.

Let me see.
-Kurt, what do you think?
-Five weeks outside.

They should have some meat
on them in a month.

Okay? We figured hind legs only.
Ten a week.