King Rat

You know, make it a real luxury trade.
l gotta mention this. l'm not too keen
on selling to any cobbers.

You know, mates.
lt just don't seem right, does it?

King, you know, he's got a point there.
Yeah, that's right.
We can't sell to buddies.

Yeah, well, l figured that one too.
our policy will be brass only.

-Brass only?
-Majors and up.

Genius. l tell you, he's a genius.
l've seen Lt. Col. Jones,
Quartermaster Sgt. Blakeley...

...and relieved them of their duties
as of today.

And now we'll forget the matter.
l say, ''we,'' because
you are to forget it with me.

ln fact, l'll make it an order.
You're to forget it ever happened.

We can't do that, sir. We caught them
red-handed, stealing the camp food.

That's your food and mine.
They deserve to be topped.

under the circumstances...

-...this is the decision l've made.
-What circumstances?

You can't let them off scot-free.
You can't.

Don't tell me what l can
or cannot do, lieutenant.

l'm sorry. l'm sorry, sir.
But, sir, those men are thieves.
l caught them.

-l repeat, the incident is closed.
-By God, it's not closed!

l won't let it be closed. They've been
eating while we've been starving.

-l insist that they--
-You can't insist on anything.

l intend sending the following
to the camp commandant:

''l strongly commend
Lt. Robin Grey, Royal Tank Corps...