King Rat

You've gotta watch this...
...because if Stevens don't come,
you'll have to do it.

Now, the injection's gotta be
intravenous. First you find the vein.

You see, there it is there.
Now you stick the needle in...

...and pull the plunger back until you
draw a bit of blood back in the syringe.

See, like that. That way
you're sure you've got the vein.

Now, when you are sure,
you squirt the antitoxin in.

But nice and slowly, mate.
Easy does it.

Until it's all gone. There.
That's gotta be done every six
hours till the stuff's used up.

lf you miss once,
you might as well not have started.

-How long will he be out?
-Oh, a couple of hours, l reckon.

Well, we might as well settle up now.
We settle up when the diamond deal
goes through.

No, sport. l deliver, l get paid.
The diamond deal...

-...has nothing to do with it.
-There's no harm waiting.

l'll tell you the bleeding harm, mate.
lf l can't get--

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Don't tell me you haven't got it.

Oh, l got it. l got it.
l just don't know where it is.

He's the only one
knows where it is.

Well, there's a fair old bundle
riding on his chances, ain't there?

We'll be in touch, sooner or later.
Good night, sport.