King Rat

...the United States, Great Britain,
China and the Soviet Union...

...that we accept their joint declaration.
The enemy has made use
of an inhuman bomb...

...and is subjecting innocent people
to grievous wounds and massacre.

To continue the war would not only
lead to the annihilation of our nature...

...but the destruction of human
civilization as well.

How could we protect our innumerable
subjects, who are like newborns for us?

How could we ask forgiveness of the
divine spirits of our imperial ancestors?

When our thoughts dwell on those,
our subjects, who died in battle...

...and those who perished
by premature death...

...and on the families they left behind
them, we feel profoundly upset.

lt is our desire to initiate an era
of peace for future generations...

:45:56 tolerating the intolerable
and enduring the unendurable...

...remembering our
heavy responsibilities...

...and the length of road
yet to be covered...

...and concentrating all our strengths
on the construction of the future...

...animated by deep morality
and firm honesty.

We swear to hold the flower
of our national policies high...

...resolved not to remain backward
in the general progress of the world.

We ask you, our subjects,
to be in the incarnation of our will.

Am l to take it that...
...the war is over?
Yes, the war is over.