King Rat

Get out before l put my foot
through your face.

Oh, you do that. You just do that.
l'll bust you.

Don't forget, l got the rank.
l am a top sergeant.
Top sergeant.
l can have you court-martialed.

-Tex, get that pot.
-Listen, listen!

What do you want? Money?
l got money. Good Jap money.
Here, 90 bucks.
Enough for one cup of coffee.

You make it. You make it, corporal.
-Tex, get that pot.
-Stay where you are!

Stay where you are. Stay.
As of now, l assume full
military command of this hut!

Under the authority invested in me,
this hut is now under full military--!

l'll kill you!
No! What are you doing?
What are you--? What are you--?
What are you doing?

l wondered where you were.
l missed you at the play.

What do you want?
l just wanted to see you.
Well, you've seen me.