King Rat

You are British, aren't you?
There's no need to be afraid of me.

l was passing bricks
back there myself.

l couldn't think what to say to them.
l just kept repeating myself.

You are British, aren't you?
Well, the war's over, you see.
l've been sent on ahead.

To look after you.
They're the real stuff. From home.
Players for you, remember?
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
The war is over.
Welcome to Changi, sir.
Thank God somebody here is normal.
l'm Capt. Weaver. l've been sent
to look after the camp...

...until the main lot arrives,
which could be any moment now.

l began to wonder if there was
something wrong with me.

Most of them are in a state of shock, sir.
lt's been a long time.

Yes, l suppose it has.
-You're not British, are you?
-No, l'm American, sir. Cpl. King.