La Decima vittima

I'm happy to take this
opportunity to publicly thank...

...the Ministry of the Big Hunt...
...which granted authorization
to Miss Caroline Meredith...

:07:10 kill this gentleman in this club
for our amusement.

Can I get an autograph?
You are a tribute to all the
women of New York!

Excuse me, excuse me.
Let me through.
Miss Meredith!
What do you want?

I'm Morton Devitt of the Ming Tea
Company of San Francisco.

The largest tea importer in America.
Yes, the largest!

You really impressed me,
it was clever.

Thank you very much.
I have a very profitable offer for you.
Would you be interested in
linking your tenth hunt...

...with a great television program?
It's an undertaking of millions.
You know, the Ming tea
commercials are watched...

:07:52 a hundred million Americans.
It could be a marvelous
opportunity for you.

Do you believe in your fans?
After this program you'll
be even more popular.

It depends on the price.
I'll talk to my agent.

Okay, dear, okay.
Next to step in the arena,
Baron of Charliis, Mr. Del Corso...

...and Baron Von Ranchenberg.