La Decima vittima

That's right.
Do you believe in God?
Of course.

And in the family?

Is it your goal to become
a decathlete?

If my nerves can take it.
So you are a sissy,
you are afraid to die, admit it!

Sure, I am afraid.
Why did you go blonde?
Out! I've had it with you!

How rude! What is this?!
Who do you think you are?

This was an interview with
Marcello Poletti who has...

Come on, Thomas darling,
my friend.

You are the only one who
understands me. Come on...

...hurry up.
Come on, come to me.
Come on, Thomas, hurry up!
You're tickling me.
:13:00 you know what I dreamt?
That you already got your annulment,
but didn't tell me.

Dreams are strange, aren't they?
I think I'll call your wife,
at least she'll tell me the truth.

With you, no one can
understand a thing.

We remind a members
of the organization...

...that the dead line for the hunting
license is about to expire.

To avoid the danger of big wars...
...register for the Big Hunt.
Only the Big Hunt can
give you a sense of safety.

Come on, come on!
What did this one do?
Instead of a Borsini he killed a Corsini.
That means 30 years in prison.

A study of history confirms
the validity of the Big Hunt theory...

:13:56 is mankind's safety valve.
And if in 1940 the Big Hunt
had existed...