La Decima vittima

Where are we?
Trinità dei Monti.

I'm sure he's up now...
He's typical Italian, he likes to
stay in the sun, like a cat.

He looks tired.
Maybe because he sleeps too much.
He's the perfect victim.
I've never trust lazy types.
One never knows how to get them.

What is he picking up?
A doll?

Oh my, is he a sex maniac?
Ah, it could be.

What's going on?
The y're hitting each other!

Look how calm he is.
But, who are those people?
Students discussing art.

Are you sure he was notified?
Let me check.
Look, he's going to the usual place.
Just as planned.

If you hurry, you can catch him there.
Hunting Ministry Information?
Could you please tell me,
if number B2738...

Poletti, Marcello, received
his regular hunting notice?

He's been notified.
Everything is set.
Is this place for men only?

I don't know.
There's a snack bar upstairs
where he eats everyday.

Anybody can go there.
Come on, go!

Follow them, Chet.

Hello, hello! Chet here!
Martin here. What's the status?
The y're in front of the snack bar.

Poletti has arrived and Caroline
has joined him on the terrace. Over!

Good, watch them! Over.
Okay, over and out!

What do you want?
I am American. I feel lonely.
I want someone to talk to,
but if I'm bothering you...

See, you've guessed right,
you are bothering me.