La Decima vittima

Hi there.
Heavy, pop or very soft music?
Bleached, huh?
This is the first time
I've seen you here.

My name is Astrid.
What are you used to?

Do you want some special setting?
I have a very stimulating
wolf's howl in the storm.

Or, would you prefer the
take-off of a huge missile?

Or, can I offer you a nice
rustling sound of underwear?

You're difficult, aren't you?
Come on, darling, rest
your head on my breast.

I know a fairytale, Little Red
Riding Hood. Want to hear it?

Did I ask you to speak?

I came here to think, period.
I just wanted to please you,
but, if silence arouses you...

I do as you wish.
Why are you following me?
What do you want from me?

Do you have just a couple minutes?
No, I don't.

I'm busy.

I came to Rome to conduct an inquiry
on the sexual conduct of Italian men.

That's why I'm following you.
I don't want to talk.
Because there is no sexual conduct,
nor a man.

Look, I represent millions of
unsatisfied American women.

This is a live interview,
I'd like to ask you something...

...have an experience, question you
on TV at the temple of Venus.

Come on, say yes!