La Decima vittima

The left or right side?
I don't remember.

Let me do a count.
One week ago we did the left side...

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

On the left! Ready?
Did you find him again?
Yes, we found him.
He's at the beach.

With the sun worshippers.
East of Fiumicino?

Shall I send Caroline back then?
Yes, let her know.

But there's time, Poletti's resting
and he still needs to get ready.

There is time until sunset.

Agreed. Stay in touch.
Over and out.

Hello, Caroline.
Tell me, darling.
As soon as you can,
turn back around.

Poletti has gone to the
sunset worshippers.

Where are those
sunset worshippers?

Look at the map we gave you.
East of Fiumicino, there's an arrow
that points to the exact place.

You've got until sunset.
Over and out.

Good evening.
Are you still insisting with
that stupid inquiry?

You're so unpredictable
that I want to follow you.

If you want something good,
go with them.

A very emotional event,
there's nothing funny about it.

Have a good day.
Today the daylight will be
gone by 7:30 pm.

Contemplation of the sunset.
We were born by chance.
But, fortunately, we'll die by chance.
This last ray of light is reaching us
from 149,000,000 km.