La Decima vittima

Well, it must bebecause of
this particular...

:44:09 circumstance that
you don't defend yourself.

You really want to die?
Don't try to understand
everything at once.

Could you at least tell me
where I am?

At my wife's house.
I need just a couple of minutes.

Hear that? A couple of minutes.
Tell everyone to stand by.
Come on, hurry up.

Wait, wait.
Looks like it's all mine.
Now, it's all my wife's.

Would you like pop or soft music?
Just piano music.
Would you like an aphrodisiac?
A mild one, if you have it.

What are you doing?
You keep it in the safe?
No, I'm looking for something
more exciting, money.

Enough with this game.
Serve yourself.
Sorry, but these sunsets
wear me out.

I don't know what else to do
to make money.

Three minutes of relaxation.
What do you mean,
three minutes to relax?

Look, we have to go to
the temple of Venus.

Poletti... hey!