La Decima vittima

You know what happened?
Olga called me...
...and I told her that we got
the annulment. Is that okay?

When are you gonna shut up?
She'll have her cards ready!

Of course, after all these years.
Besides, you promised her
you would marry her.

You even forced us to become
friends with each other.

She's always here with me.
I forced you?
You two are the sick ones!

I feel fond of her for wanting
to marry you.

Are you looking for something?
My prize money.

I told you that I've already spent it.
All of it?

Of course, all of it.
In order for me to get married again...
I need to buy something
for myself, right?

Plus, I have to care for your parents.
Don't think that this doesn't
cost anything!

Two elderly people.
Should we turn them over
to the State?